Malwarelytics for Apple is distributed via Swift Package Manager (SPM) and Cocoapods private repository..

Malwarelytics for Apple supports iOS 10+ and requires Xcode 12 to build.

Personalized Configuration Required.
In order to use Malwarelytics for Apple, you need a custom configuration and access credentials for both the service and artifact repository. Contact your sales representative or technical consultant in order to obtain the required prerequisites.


You need to create credentials file to access our private repository (needed for for SPM and Cocoapods).

Create (or append to if already exists) a .netrc file in your home directory (~) with your credentials to Wultra Artifactory.

      login [[email protected]]
      password [password]

Swift Package Manager

Add the following repository as a dependency into your project:

You can use Xcode’s dedicated user interface to do this or add the dependency manually, for example:

   // swift-tools-version:5.4

   import PackageDescription

   let package = Package(
       name: "YourLibrary",
       products: [
               name: "YourLibrary",
               targets: ["YourLibrary"]),
       dependencies: [
           .package(name: "AppProtection", url: "", .upToNextMajor(from: "1.1.0"))
       targets: [
               name: "YourLibrary",
               dependencies: [

You can check the latest versions of the library at the release page.


The library is also distributed via Cocoapods private repository. If you’re not using cocoapods in your project, visit usage guide.

  1. Add pod to your Podfile:

    target 'MyProject' do
        pod 'AppProtection', :git => '', :tag => '1.1.0'

    You can check the latest versions of the library at the release page.

  2. Run pod install in your project dictionary to make the AppProtection framework available in your project.

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Malwarelytics for Apple