Repackaging detection

Repackaging detection is a security feature that detects if the application was modified and resigned with a different signing certificate.

To properly configure the repackage detection, you need to get the Base64 encoded string of your signing certificate:

  1. Open the Keychain Access application.
  2. Find a certificate that will be used to sign your application, for example, “Apple Development: Jan Tester (c)”.
  3. Right-click on the item and click “Export…”.
  4. Export the certificate in the .cer format.
  5. Open up the terminal and cd into the folder with your exported certificate.
  6. Encode the certificate in Base64 with cat your_exported.cer | base64.
  7. Copy the output of the command and use it as a parameter for the repackage detection configuration:
// Prepare the RASP feature configuration
let raspConfig = AppProtectionRaspConfig(
    // ...
    repackage:.exit([AppProtectionTrustedCert(withBase64EncodedString: "BASE_64_ENCODED_CERT")!], "")
    // ...

Tip: To hide the string in your binary, use init constructor for AppProtectionTrustedCert with Data or [UInt8] arguments.

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