Mobile App Shielding

Make sure your app runs securely even on a highly compromised device. App Shielding adds protection automatically, without the need of any programming.

Time to implement

Clock logo 1 week


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App Shielding Overview

Learn about the basic principles of protecting your app's runtime.

App Shielding on Android

Implement mobile App Shielding technology in your Android apps.

App Shielding on iOS

Implement mobile App Shielding technology in your iOS apps.


Integrate App Shielding with your CI pipeline and make it a natural part of your DevSecOps process.

Automated Rewrapping

Prepare a configuration and run our utility over an existing, fully compiled application bundle (*.apk, *.ipa) to achieve a highly secure build with robust integrity checks and a self-protecting code.

  • Implement as part of your DevSecOps.
  • Works with any iOS or Android app.
  • Set App Shielding up in 15 minutes.
  • No need for an app source code.
  • No Code / Low Code solution.

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Mobile App Shielding