Mobile Token

Provide fast and convenient authentication to your web users through a mobile app and increase your compliance with PSD2/SCA requirements.

Time to implement

Clock logo 1-3 months


Get started quickly with our tutorials and integration guides.

Authentication in Mobile Banking Apps (SCA)

Learn how to enhance mobile banking app with strong customer authentication.

Password and PIN Strength Checking on Mobile

Improve mobile authentication by enforcing strong passwords and PIN codes.

Verifying PowerAuth Signatures on the Server

Implement mobile authentication and authorization in systems without Spring.


Learn about solution components in our detailed reference documentation.

PowerAuth Cloud

Cloud deployment for mobile token related components

PowerAuth Server

The core back-end application responsible for managing mobile device activations.

PowerAuth Admin (moved)

PowerAuth Admin documentation was moved to PowerAuth Server repository.

PowerAuth Push Server

The back-end application for sending APNs / FCM push messages on mobile device.

PowerAuth Mobile SDK

The library to help you integrate PowerAuth with your Android, iOS or watchOS app easily.

PowerAuth for React Native

The React Native wrapper for the PowerAuth Mobile SDK.

Mobile Token SDK for iOS

The library to help you integrate mobile token feature in your iOS app.

Mobile Token SDK for Android

The library to help you integrate mobile token feature in your Android app.

PowerAuth Java Utility

Command-line utility that simulates a mobile app to test integration.

PowerAuth Java Crypto

Documentation and implementation of the PowerAuth cryptographic protocol in Java.


Deploy our white-label authenticator, or integrate mobile token plugin into your own app.

Secure Access on Web

Secure your web applications through confirmations in a mobile app. Back-end infrastructure is packaged into a single convenient box for faster deployment.

Deploy mobile token by:

  • Deploying the server-side component
  • Integrating your web applications
  • Customizing the authenticator app, or
  • Impementing mobile SDK in your own app

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Mobile Token