Error Handling

All methods that communicate with the server API return an ApiError instance in case of an error.
Every ApiError consist of:

  • property e with an original exception that was thrown
  • convenience nullable error property error for known API error codes

Known API Error codes

Error Code Description
ERROR_GENERIC When unexpected error happened
POWERAUTH_AUTH_FAIL General authentication failure (wrong password, wrong activation state, etc…)
INVALID_REQUEST Invalid request sent - missing request object in the request
INVALID_ACTIVATION Activation is not valid (it is different from configured activation)
PUSH_REGISTRATION_FAILED Error code for a situation when registration to push notification fails
OPERATION_ALREADY_FINISHED Operation is already finished
OPERATION_ALREADY_FAILED Operation is already failed
OPERATION_EXPIRED Operation is expired
ERR_AUTHENTICATION Error in case that PowerAuth authentication fails
ERR_SECURE_VAULT Error during secure vault unlocking
ERR_ENCRYPTION Returned in case encryption or decryption fails
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