Dynamic TLS/SSL Certificate Pinning

23 May 2023, Petr Dvořák
To ensure secure communication between the mobile app and the web server, authentication of the server is a crucial part. Otherwise, an attacker could execute a man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) and...
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Introducing the Activation Spawn

17 September 2021, Petr Dvořák
It is common for organizations to have more than one mobile apps. Usually, though, one mobile app is considered the “main application,” while the other apps are “secondary.” For example,...
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Mobile App Shielding Quick Start

22 June 2020, Petr Dvořák
In this tutorial, we will show you how to implement App Shielding by Wultra into your mobile apps on iOS and Android. This tutorial has three parts: Mobile App Shielding...
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Measuring PIN and Password Strength

18 May 2020, Jan Koběrský
Selecting a weak PIN code or an easy-to-guess password is one of the most common issues of modern mobile authentication. According to the research by DataGenetics, over 10% of users...
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Getting Started with Malwarelytics

04 May 2020, Petr Dvořák
Mobile cyberthreats are a quickly growing phenomenon. More and more users are using insecure devices with modifications such as jailbreak/root or devices with outdated OS versions, and the banks worldwide...
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