Mobile In-App Protection for iOS and Android

Dec 29, 2023

Mobile cyberthreats are a quickly growing phenomenon. More and more users are using insecure devices with modifications such as jailbreak/root or devices with outdated OS versions, and the banks worldwide are targeted by mobile malware such as Anubis, Cerberos, or Event Bot. Mobile-first authentication is only as secure as mobile devices themselves. Therefore, to protect the customers and comply with the regulatory requirements, the financial institutions should actively seek a remedy to these issues.

In-app protection by Wultra is an advanced mobile security solution. It consists of an SDK that you can easily incorporate into your iOS or Android app, command-line tool you can use to obfuscate and harden your mobile app bundle, and optional cloud service that collects the data, provides insight into the mobile security landscape of your user base and allows integrations with other systems, such as fraud detection systems.

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Petr Dvořák

Petr Dvořák

CEO & Founder