Error Handling

Errors produced by this library are of type WPNError that comes from our networking layer. For more information visit the library documentation.

Custom Digital Onboarding Error Reasons

In addition to pre-defined error reasons available in the networking library, we offer more reasons to further offer better error handling.

Errors in WDOActivationService

Custom WPNErrorReason values

Option Name Description
wdo_activation_inProgress Activation is already in progress
wdo_activation_notRunning Activation was not started.
wdo_activation_cannotActivate PowerAuth instance cannot start the activation (probably already activated).

Extensions of WPNError

After the user entered the wrong OTP and an error was raised, you can retrieve the following information from the error:

  • onboardingOtpRemainingAttempts - How many more OTP attempts are possible.
  • allowOnboardingOtpRetry - If the user should be allowed to repeat the OTP or activation needs to be started again

Errors in WDOVerificationService

Custom WPNErrorReason values

Option Name Description
wdo_verification_activationNotActive Powerauth instance is not active. Verification can only happen when the user already activated the PowerAuth instance.
wdo_verification_missingStatus Verification status is unknown. Please make sure that the status was at least once successfully fetched before calling any other method.
wdo_verification_otpFailed OTP failed to verify.
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