Migration from 1.4.x to 1.5.x

This guide contains instructions for migration from PowerAuth Mobile SDK version 1.4.x to version 1.5.x.


PowerAuth Mobile SDK in version 1.5.0 is a maintenance release that brings few enhancements to Android and adds support for more Apple platforms.

Compatibility with PowerAuth Server

  • This release is fully compatible with PowerAuth Server version 0.24.x and 1.0.x.


API changes

  • The IBiometricAuthenticationCallback interface has slightly changed:
    • void onBiometricDialogSuccess(@NonNull byte[] biometricKeyEncrypted) is now void onBiometricDialogSuccess(@NonNull BiometricKeyData biometricKeyData).
    • You can call biometricKeyData.getDerivedData() to get data equivalent to previous byte[] biometricKeyEncrypted.
  • The IAddBiometryFactorListener interface is now in io.getlime.security.powerauth.biometry package.
    • onAddBiometryFactorFailed(@NonNull PowerAuthErrorException error) callback now returns PowerAuthErrorException instead of Throwable.
  • The ICommitActivationWithBiometryListener interface now provides non-null exception in onBiometricDialogFailed(@NonNull PowerAuthErrorException exception) callback.

  • PowerAuthKeychainConfiguration.Builder has new option authenticateOnBiometricKeySetup(boolean) to tell SDK that biometric authentication is not required for the biometric key setup.
    • Altering this option to false will cause that RSA keypair is created in Android KeyStore instead of AES key.
    • Previously created AES keys are not altered, so biometric factors configured with older SDKs works as before.


API changes

  • Minimum supported iOS version is now 9.0

  • PowerAuth mobile SDK is now available for tvOS and macCatalyst platform and fully supports Apple Silicon CPU architectures.

  • Support for new platforms has the following implications to SDK integration:

    • CocoaPods tool version 1.10+ is required.
    • CocoaPods integration now uses precompiled XCFrameworks as binary artifacts, so be careful in case that your application project has whole Pods folder added to the git source control.
    • It’s recommended to use Xcode 12.2+ to build library for all available ARM64 targets. Otherwise you risk that CocoaPods will keep an incomplete library in its cache.
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