Migration from 0.21.0 to 0.22.0

Proxy Configuration

We have renamed the proxy host configuration attributes to use correct terminology - host instead of url.

Original names:


New names:


Java 11 Support

PowerAuth Push Server now supports Java 11.

Tomcat on Java 11

We have tested PowerAuth on Tomcat 9.0.16 with Java 11, so please use this version or higher. Older versions of Tomcat may not work properly with Java 11.

Other Web Containers on Java 11

Make sure you upgrade the web container to a version which supports Java 11 before deploying PowerAuth server.

Improved JBoss / Wildfly Support

PowerAuth Push Server now contains a JBoss Deployment Descriptor. For more details see: Deploy Push Server on JBoss / Wildfly

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PowerAuth Push Server