Malwarelytics for Android is distributed as a Maven artifact in a private artifact repository.

Malwarelytics for Android supports Android 4.4 (SDK version 19) and above.

Personalized Configuration Required.
In order to use Malwarelytics for Android, you need a custom configuration and access credentials for both the service and the artifact repository. Contact your sales representative or technical consultant to obtain the necessary prerequisites.

Adding Maven Repository

Add a new Maven repository pointing to Wultra Artifactory:

repositories {
    maven {
        url ''
        credentials {
            username = wultraArtifactoryUsername
            password = wultraArtifactoryPass

Adding Project Dependency

Once you have configured the Maven repository, you can add Malwarelytics as a dependency to your Android project:

android {
    dependencies {
        implementation "${WULTRA_APP_PROTECTION_VERSION}"
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Malwarelytics for Android