Changing Process Name

An Android app running on a device can be identified by various development tools and apps. Potential attacks or reverse engineering efforts can, however, be prevented or at least impeded significantly by changing the process name.

Malwarelytics for Android is able to change the app process name. It can either select a random value from a list of stealthy process names or a custom name can be used.


This feature can be configured during the Malwarelytics initialization phase:

val raspConfig = RaspConfig.Builder()
    .customProcessName(String)      // when set, turns off useStealthyProcessName
    // configuration of other RASP features
Method Description
customProcessName(String) sets a custom name which will be used for the app process. When the name is set, the useStealthyProcessName option is automatically turned off.
useStealthyProcessName(Boolean) indicates whether a stealthy name should be used for the app process. Defaults to true.

More information on general RASP feature configuration and usage can be found in this overview.

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