Wultra Proximity Transfer SDK for Android

Wultra Proximity Transfer SDK for Android platforms intro illustration

Proximity transfer allows you to securely transfer data between 2 devices that are physically close with the help of Bluetooth and QR scanning.

Bluetooth and QR scanning with the device camera is used to ensure that the devices are close to each other (Bluetooth) and the user has access to both of them (the camera from one device scans the QR on the other device).

No internet or other networking connection is used during this process, the user can be completely offline. The only requirement is both devices need to be Bluetooth capable and the target device needs to have a working camera.

Proximity Transfer works seamlessly with the Apple platforms (iOS, tvOS) too as we also provide an Android version of this library.

Sample scenarios

  • Securely transfer user information between 2 devices
  • Transfer application credentials from one device to another
  • Migrating user from one device to another
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Proximity Transfer for Android