To configure the SDK properly for both transfer target and source, WPTConfig instance is needed.

Configuration must be the same on both sides of the transfer otherwise the Bluetooth connection won’t be successful.

The same configuration also needs to be implemented on Android.

Configuration items

  • serviceUUID - UUID used for the Bluetooth service
  • coder - will provide encryption and decryption for the transfer


Currently, only one coder is available WPTAESCoder. To configure this coder, you need to provide two byte arrays:

  • salt - salt that will be mixed into the cipher. No length limitation.
  • iv - IV for the cipher. Needs to be 16 bytes long. Smaller IV will produce an error and longer will be truncated.

Example configuration

let config = WPTConfig(
    serviceUUID: UUID(uuidString: "21f8190c-e4bc-11ed-b5ea-0242ac120001")!, 
    coder: WPTAESCoder(
        salt: "MyApplicationDemoSalt!".data(using: .utf8)!, // static data
        iv: Data(base64Encoded: "7x9ZEvEVf4IqlBxuYmzKhw==")! // 16 bytes encoded in Base64
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