Transfer Data

You may transfer any data that can be represented by the array of bytes.

The only consideration is the size of such data because the final transfer is done via a QR code that will be displayed to the user and will be scanned by the device. Large data will provide large QR codes that might be harder to scan

Example data

Let’s imagine that we want to transfer login data about the user to a different device without showing the data to the user.

Data class that represents the structure

struct TransferData: Codable {
    let userID: String
    let name: String
    let token: String
    let timestamp: String

Serialized Data To Transfer

{"userID":"1862","name":"John Doe","token":"72f828a0-e3a1-4691-ad99-d5a401bf5d5d","timestamp":1706534397}

Final QR code

The string above is then:

  1. Turned into a byte array.
  2. Encoded with the SDK.
  3. Encoded data transformed into a Base64 string.
  4. The Base64 string is encoded to the QR code (medium correction level).

The final QR code for such data might look like this:

Final transfer QR code sample

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