Malwarelytics for React Native

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Malwarelytics for React Native protects your banking or fintech app from a broad range of mobile security threats with an industry-leading mobile threat intelligence solution.

Integrate the SDK and connect to our cloud services to make the most of this product.

Supported Features

Android platform

  • Active Malware Scan
  • Detection of App Installation Source
  • Emulator Detection
  • Root Detection
  • Debugger Protection
  • Repackaging Detection
  • Screen Sharing Detection
  • Screenshot Blocking
  • Screen Reader Blocking
  • Changing of app’s Process Name
  • Tapjacking Protection
  • HTTP Proxy Detection
  • VPN Detection
  • Detection of ADB status
  • Active Call Detection
  • App Presence Detection
  • Detection of Screen Lock Usage
  • Detection of Biometry Enrollment Status
  • Detection of Play Protect Status
  • Detection of Developer Options Status

Apple platform

  • Jailbreak Detection
  • Reverse Engineering Tools Detection
  • Repackaging Detection
  • Debugger Protection
  • HTTP Proxy Detection
  • System Passcode Status
  • Screenshot Captured Event
  • Predefined and Custom Events
  • VPN detection
  • Active phone call detection

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Malwarelytics for React Native