Smart Protection

An app can integrate Malwarelytics for Android in a various degrees of customization. On one extreme it can use its raw APIs - observers and method calls - and implement all the app behaviours. On the other extreme it can integrate the SDK “hassle-free” and use the built in Smart Protection.

Smart Protection is a set of automatic behaviours, that are enabled by default. They involve timed evaluations of the installed apps, suggestion updates, initial scans and automatic evaluation of app changes.

There are two basic modes of operation:

  1. Silent mode - Turned on by default. Does not show any UI. It simply keeps the data up-to-date with the remote console.

  2. Non-silent mode - Involves automatic mitigations of detected threats.

Available automatic threat mitigations:

  • Displaying app screen with list of dangerous apps.
  • Displaying notification about a dangerous app.

Configuring Smart Protection

Smart Protection can be configured a little through setting SmartProtectionConfig in AntivirusConfig.Builder.

val smartProtectionConfig = AntivirusConfig.SmartProtectionConfig.Builder()

val antivirusConfig = AntivirusConfig.Builder()
    // ...

Threat mitigation UI of the smart protection can be customized through ThreatMitigationUIConfig.

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