Smart Protection

Various customization degrees are possible when integrating Malwarelytics into an app. For full control over its behavior, raw APIs — observers and method calls — can be used. An entirely different approach is a hassle-free SDK integration using the built-in Smart Protection system.

Smart Protection is a set of behavior patterns that are enabled by default. These patterns include a periodic evaluation of apps installed on the device, suggestion updates, initial scans and an automatic evaluation of app changes.

There are two basic modes of operation:

  1. Silent mode — default option. It does not show any UI but simply keeps the data up to date with the remote console.

  2. Non-silent mode — facilitates automatic mitigation of detected threats. The available options are:

    • Display an app screen with a list of dangerous apps.
    • Display a notification about a dangerous app.


Smart Protection can be configured to some extent using the SmartProtectionConfig settings in the AntivirusConfig.Builder.

val smartProtectionConfig = AntivirusConfig.SmartProtectionConfig.Builder()

val antivirusConfig = AntivirusConfig.Builder()
    // other Anti-Malware feature configuration

Learn about UI customization of Smart Protection elements in this article.

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