Wultra Mobile Token SDK for iOS

With Wultra Mobile Token (WMT) SDK, you can integrate an out-of-band operation approval into an existing mobile app, instead of using a standalone mobile token application. WMT is built on top of PowerAuth Mobile SDK. It communicates with the “Mobile Token REST API” and “Mobile Push Registration API”. Individual endpoints are described in the PowerAuth Webflow documentation.

To understand the Wultra Mobile Token SDK purpose on a business level better, you can visit our own Mobile Token application. We use Wultra Mobile Token SDK in our mobile token application as well.

WMT SDK library does precisely this:

  • Retrieves the list of operations that are pending for approval for a given user.
  • Approves or rejects operations with PowerAuth transaction signing.
  • Registers an existing PowerAuth activation to receive push notifications.


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Mobile Token SDK for iOS