Configuration Properties

The PowerAuth Server uses the following public configuration properties:

Database Configuration

Property Default Note
spring.datasource.url jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/powerauth Database JDBC URL
spring.datasource.username powerauth Database JDBC username
spring.datasource.password _empty_ Database JDBC password
spring.datasource.driver-class-name org.postgresql.Driver Datasource JDBC class name
spring.jpa.database-platform org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect Database dialect
spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto none Configuration of automatic database schema creation utf8 Character encoding true Character encoding - Unicode support

PowerAuth Service Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.service.applicationName powerauth-server Application name exposed in status endpoint
powerauth.service.applicationDisplayName PowerAuth Server Application display name exposed in status endpoint
powerauth.service.applicationEnvironment _empty_ Application environment exposed in status endpoint
powerauth.service.restrictAccess false Whether access to the REST API is restricted

Activation and Cryptography Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.service.crypto.activationValidityInMilliseconds 120000 Default activation validity period in miliseconds
powerauth.service.crypto.signatureMaxFailedAttempts 5 Maximum failed attempts for signature verification
powerauth.service.token.timestamp.validity 7200000 PowerAuth MAC token timestamp validity in miliseconds
powerauth.service.recovery.maxFailedAttempts 5 Maximum failed attempts for activation recovery
powerauth.service.secureVault.enableBiometricAuthentication false Whether biometric authentication is enabled when accessing Secure Vault
powerauth.server.db.master.encryption.key _empty_ Master DB encryption key for decryption of server private key in database

HTTP Configuration

| Property | Default | Note | |—|—|—| | powerauth.service.http.proxy.enabled | false | Whether proxy is enabled for outgoing HTTP requests | | | | Proxy host for outgoing HTTP requests | | powerauth.service.http.proxy.port | 8080 | Proxy port for outgoing HTTP requests | | powerauth.service.http.proxy.username | _emtpy_ | Proxy username for outgoing HTTP requests | | powerauth.service.http.proxy.password | _empty_ | Proxy password for outgoing HTTP requests |

Spring Vault Configuration

| Property | Default | Note | |—|—|—| | | false | Whether Spring Vault integration is enabled | | | true | Whether the Spring Vault integration uses the versioned key-value backend |

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