Configuration Properties

The PowerAuth Server uses the following public configuration properties:

Database Configuration

Property Default Note
spring.datasource.url jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/powerauth Database JDBC URL
spring.datasource.username powerauth Database JDBC username
spring.datasource.password _empty_ Database JDBC password
spring.datasource.driver-class-name org.postgresql.Driver Datasource JDBC class name
spring.jpa.database-platform org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect Database dialect
spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto none Configuration of automatic database schema creation utf8 Character encoding true Character encoding - Unicode support

PowerAuth Service Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.service.applicationName powerauth-server Application name exposed in status endpoint
powerauth.service.applicationDisplayName PowerAuth Server Application display name exposed in status endpoint
powerauth.service.applicationEnvironment _empty_ Application environment exposed in status endpoint
powerauth.service.restrictAccess false Whether access to the REST API is restricted

Activation and Cryptography Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.service.crypto.activationValidityInMilliseconds 120000 Default activation validity period in miliseconds
powerauth.service.crypto.signatureMaxFailedAttempts 5 Maximum failed attempts for signature verification
powerauth.service.token.timestamp.validity 7200000 PowerAuth MAC token timestamp validity in miliseconds
powerauth.service.recovery.maxFailedAttempts 5 Maximum failed attempts for activation recovery
powerauth.service.secureVault.enableBiometricAuthentication false Whether biometric authentication is enabled when accessing Secure Vault
powerauth.server.db.master.encryption.key _empty_ Master DB encryption key for decryption of server private key in database
powerauth.service.proximity-check.otp.length 8 Length of OTP generated for proximity check

HTTP Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.service.http.proxy.enabled false Whether proxy is enabled for outgoing HTTP requests Proxy host for outgoing HTTP requests
powerauth.service.http.proxy.port 8080 Proxy port for outgoing HTTP requests
powerauth.service.http.proxy.username _emtpy_ Proxy username for outgoing HTTP requests
powerauth.service.http.proxy.password _empty_ Proxy password for outgoing HTTP requests

Spring Vault Configuration

Property Default Note false Whether Spring Vault integration is enabled true Whether the Spring Vault integration uses the versioned key-value backend

Correlation HTTP Header Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.service.correlation-header.enabled false Whether correlation header is enabled X-Correlation-ID Correlation header name
powerauth.service.correlation-header.value.validation-regexp [a-zA-Z0-9\\-]{8,1024} Regular expression for correlation header value validation
logging.pattern.console See value in Logging pattern for console which includes the correlation header value

Monitoring and Observability

The WAR file includes the micrometer-registry-prometheus dependency. Discuss its configuration with the [Spring Boot documentation](

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