Admin Configuration Properties

The PowerAuth Admin application uses the following public configuration properties:

PowerAuth Service Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.service.url http://localhost:8080/powerauth-java-server/rest PowerAuth service REST API base URL. _empty_ PowerAuth REST API authentication token. _empty_ PowerAuth REST API authentication secret / password.
powerauth.service.ssl.acceptInvalidSslCertificate false Flag indicating if connections using untrusted TLS certificate should be made to the PowerAuth Service.

PowerAuth Admin Service Configuration

Property Default Note
powerauth.admin.service.applicationName powerauth-admin Application name exposed in status endpoint.
powerauth.admin.service.applicationDisplayName PowerAuth Admin Application display name exposed in status endpoint.
powerauth.admin.service.applicationEnvironment _empty_ Application environment exposed in status endpoint.

PowerAuth Admin LDAP Configuration

Property Default Note _empty_ Security method (ldap or _empty_). _empty_ If your users are at a fixed location in the directory you can use this attribute to map directly to the DN. The value is a specific pattern used to build the user’s DN, for example “uid={0},ou=people”. The key “{0}” must be present and will be substituted with the username. _empty_ Search base for user searches, only used with userSearchFilter. _empty_ The LDAP filter used to search for users, for example (uid={0}). The substituted parameter is the user’s login name. _empty_ The search base for group membership searches. _empty_ The LDAP filter to search for groups. The substituted parameter is the DN of the user. _empty_ Specifies the attribute name which contains the role name. _empty_ LDAP service URL. _empty_ LDAP service port. _empty_ Root suffix for the embedded LDAP server. _empty_ Specifies an ldif to load at startup for an embedded LDAP server. _empty_ Username (DN) of the “manager” user identity (i.e. “uid=admin,ou=system”) which will be used to authenticate to a (non-embedded) LDAP server. If omitted, anonymous access will be used. _empty_ The password for the manager DN. This is required if the managerDN property is set.

Monitoring and Observability

The WAR file includes the micrometer-registry-prometheus dependency. Discuss its configuration with the Spring Boot documentation.

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