NextStep Server

Next Step Server resolves the Next Step of the authentication process.

You can obtain the war file which can be deployed to a Java EE container in releases.

The configuration of Next Step Server is described in Web Flow Configuration.

Next step definitions need to be configured before deploying Next Step Server, see chapter Configuring Next Step Definitions.

Next Step Server functionality

Next Step Server implements following functionality:

  • management of next steps during authentication process
    • step definitions are loaded from database when Next Step Server starts
    • making decision about the next step of an operation given loaded step definitions, operation name, operation type, operation status and step authentication result
  • management of authentication methods
    • listing available authentication methods both general and user-specific
    • enabling/disabling authentication methods per user including their configuration (configuration is required for the Mobile Token)
  • management of operations
    • create a new operation
    • update an operation based on next step decision
    • retrieve operation detail
    • list pending operations for user
    • retrieve operation configuration for an operation or all defined operations
    • update operation form data
    • update user and organization for an operation
    • update application context for an operation
    • set chosen authentication method
    • update mobile token status for an operation
    • retrieve mobile token configuration
    • store result of an AFS action
  • management of organizations
    • list organizations
    • retrieve organization detail
  • REST services are available for authentication methods and operations

The Next Step Server functionality is described in details in Next Step Server REST API Reference.

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