Upgrading SDK

If you upgraded SDK to a newer major or minor version and encounter some problems, then please follow the Migration Instructions first.

Enable debug log

In case you encounter a problem with this library, then try to turn-on a detailed debug log to provide a more information for the library developers:

// Enable debug log with failed call to native function.
// Trace all calls to native library
PowerAuthDebug.traceNativeCodeCalls(true, true);

The PowerAuthDebug class is effective only if global __DEV__ constant is true. We don’t want to log the sensitive information to the console in the production application.

Dumping native objects

If __DEV__ mode is turned on, then you can dump information about all native objects allocated and used by React Native PowerAuth Mobile SDK:

// Dump all objects
await PowerAuthDebug.dumpNativeObjects();
// Dump objects related to PowerAuth instance
await PowerAuthDebug.dumpNativeObjects(powerAuth.instanceId);
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