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The DocuCheck is a command line tool written in Swift, that collects and validates documentation written in Markdown. The tool does following main tasks:

  • Collects documentation from various remote sources (typically from a remote git repository).
  • Copies all predefined folders containing documentation into one predefined folder.
  • Validates all links pointing to another documents or to anchors in the documents.
  • Patches all documents to be easily served on Wultra’s developers portal.

The tool was developed for Wultra’s internal purposes, so it’s highly specialized for what we need for our own documentation.


The DocuCheck has following requirements:

  • macOS (or compatible) computer
  • Swift 5 compiler (Xcode 10.2+)
  • git installed on the system


The DocuCheck tool installation is quite simple. You need to clone this repository and build the executable:

  • To clone the repository, type:
    git clone
    cd docucheck
  • To build the executable, type:
    swift build -c release 
    cp .build/release/DocuCheck ${dest}

    Where ${dest} is your destination folder, where you want to store the final executable. For the rest of the documentation we assume that DocuCheck command is available at current PATH, so it can be simply executed.

  • To run the executable without copy to the predefined directory, simply run:
    swift run DocuCheck ${parameters}

    Where ${parameters} are parameters of the tool. For example -h.

As you can see, DocuCheck is using Swift Package Manager to build and execute itself, so you can simply integrate the tool into your projects, managed by the SPM. To do this, please check the official Swift Package Manager documentation for more details.


Before you start using the tool, please read following documents:

The basic usage of the tool is quite simple:

  • To collect and validate the documentation, type:
    DocuCheck -c ${path_to_config}

    Where ${path_to_config} is path to JSON configuration file.

  • To show help embedded in the tool, type:
    DocuCheck -h
  • Check Usage page for more information about command line interface.

Known Bugs

For the list of known bugs, please visit Known Bugs page, which contains current list of all known issues in the tool and possible workarounds.


All sources are licensed using Apache 2.0 license, you can use them with no restriction. If you are using this tool, please let us know. We will be happy to share and promote your project.


If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected] or our official channel.

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Documentation Tool