Error Handling

Every error produced by this library is of a WMTError type. This error contains the following information:

  • reason - A specific reason, why the error happened. For more information see WMTErrorReason chapter.
  • nestedError - Original exception/error (if available) that caused this error.
  • httpStatusCode - If the error is networking error, this property will provide HTTP status code of the error.
  • httpUrlResponse - If the error is networking errror, this will hold original HTTP response that was recieved from the backend.
  • restApiError - If the error is a “well-known” API error, it will be filled here. For more information see Known REST API Error codes.
  • networkIsNotReachable - Convenience property, informs about a state where the network is not available (based on the error type).
  • networkConnectionIsNotTrusted - Convenience property, informs about a TLS error.
  • powerAuthErrorResponse - If the error was caused by the PowerAuth error, you can retrieve it here.
  • powerAuthRestApiErrorCode - If the error was caused by the PowerAuth error, the error code of the original error will be available here.

Known REST API Error codes

Error Code Description
authenticationFailure General authentication failure (wrong password, wrong activation state, etc…)
invalidRequest Invalid request sent - missing request object in the request
invalidActivation Activation is not valid (it is different from configured activation)
pushRegistrationFailed Error code for a situation when registration to push notification fails
operationAlreadyFinished Operation is already finished
operationAlreadyFailed Operation is already failed
operationAlreadyCancelled Operation is canceled
operationExpired Operation is expired


Each WMTError has a reason property why the error was created. Such reason can be useful when you’re creating for example a general error handling or reporting, or when you’re debugging the code.

General errors

Option Name Description
unknown Unknown fallback reason
missingActivation PowerAuth instance is missing an activation.

Network errors

| Option Name | Description | |—|—| |network_unknown|When unknown (usually logic error) happened during networking.| |network_generic|When generic networking error happened.| |network_errorStatusCode|HTTP response code was different than 200 (success). |network_invalidResponseObject|An unexpected response from the server.| |network_invalidRequestObject|Request is not valid. Such an object is not sent to the server.| |network_signError|When the signing of the request failed.| |network_timeOut|Request timed out| |network_noInternetConnection|Not connected to the internet.| |network_badServerResponse|Bad (malformed) HTTP server response. Probably an unexpected HTTP server error.| |network_sslError`|SSL error. For detailed information, see the attached error object when available.|

Operation errors

Option Name Description
operations_invalidActivation Request needs valid powerauth activation.
operations_alreadyFailed Operation is already in a failed state.
operations_alreadyFinished Operation is already in a finished state.
operations_alreadyCanceled Operation is already in a canceled state.
operations_alreadyRejected Operation expired.
operations_authExpired Operation has expired when trying to approve the operation.
operations_rejectExpired Operation has expired when trying to reject the operation.
operations_QROperationFailed Couldn’t sign QR operation.

Push errors

Option Name Description
push_alreadyRegistering Push registration is already in progress.
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