Error Handling

Errors produced by this library are of type WPNError that comes from our networking layer. For more information visit the library documentation.

Custom Error Reasons

In addition to pre-defined error reasons available in the networking library, we offer more reasons to further offer better error handling.

Operation errors

Option Name Description
operations_invalidActivation Request needs valid powerauth activation.
operations_alreadyFailed Operation is already in a failed state.
operations_alreadyFinished Operation is already in a finished state.
operations_alreadyCanceled Operation is already in a canceled state.
operations_alreadyRejected Operation expired.
operations_authExpired Operation has expired when trying to approve the operation.
operations_rejectExpired Operation has expired when trying to reject the operation.
operations_QROperationFailed Couldn’t sign QR operation.

Push errors

Option Name Description
push_alreadyRegistering Push registration is already in progress.
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