Installer Identification

The installation of an application onto an Android device is done through another app - an installer app. The most commonly used installer is Google Play - the default application store on compliant Android devices. Applications on Android are identified by their application ID (formerly called package name). The SDK is able to provide the application ID of the installer app that was responsible for installing the application that integrates the SDK.

Examples of Well Known Installers

Application Store Application ID Note
Google Play The default store on most of the devices.
Huawei AppGallery com.huawei.appmarket The default store on Huawei and Honor devices.
Samsung Galaxy Store  

Obtaining App Installer

The application ID of the app installer can be obtained manually in Antivirus by calling the getAppInstaller() method.

val installer = antivirus.getAppInstaller()

In case the information about the installer is not available an empty string is returned.

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