Release Notes

Current Release

Release 1.0.2

  • Add configuration for device fingerprinting
  • Fix incorrect handling of RepackageDetectionConfig.action
  • Improve Java interop

Previous Releases

Release 1.0.1

  • Add sending app presence info to the server

Release 1.0.0

  • Add RASP feature: detection of unwanted remote desktop apps
  • Refactor RaspConfig by grouping each feature into one item
  • Extend the configuration of debugger detection
  • Add ScreenReaderDetection info
  • Adjust reporting of VPN connection events
  • Fix Android 11 VPN detection exception

Information about RaspConfig refactoring can be found in migration guide to version 1.0.x.

Release 0.24.0

  • Add RASP feature: active call detection
  • Improve root detection
  • Update project to Kotlin 1.8.x
  • Add utility uninstall method using Activity Result APIs to MitigationManager
  • Deprecate MitigationManager.uninstallApplicationWithFragmentCallback method
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.23.0

  • Add RASP feature: VPN detection
  • Add fine-tuning API for blocking screenshots
  • Add RaspConfig.allowedTapjackingApps(Collection) config item
  • Refactor RaspConfig.ApkAllowlist into RaspConfig.ApkAllowlistItem
  • Add POST_NOTIFICATIONS permission
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.22.1

  • Fix bugs

Release 0.22.0

  • Add RASP feature: check if biometric data are enrolled
  • Improve debugger detection
  • Add RASP exit URLs
  • Make Anti-Malware feature optional
  • Add RaspManager.protectActivity(Activity) for explicit activity protection
  • Update ApkThreatObserver - report installs, updates, and uninstalls
  • Add internal SDK improvements
  • Raise the version of the SafetyNet dependency
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.21.0

  • Extend ApkThreat with malware flags from the server
  • Update targetSdk to API level 33 (Android 13)

Release 0.20.1

  • Remove foreground service notifications on Android 8+
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.20.0

  • Change initialization and add InitializationResult
  • Add default implementation of NotificationFactory
  • Optimize the frequency of displayed foreground service notifications
  • Add internal SDK improvements
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.19.1

  • Add built-in list RaspConfig.DEFAULT_ALLOWED_SCREEN_READERS of screen readers allowed by default
  • Add option to ignore system apps in tapjacking protection
  • Add internal SDK improvements
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.19.0

  • Raise min SDK version to Android 5.1 (API level 22)
  • Add config option for test environment
  • Add RASP feature: detection of enabled ADB and developer mode on the device
  • Improve speed of ApkThreatObserver on Android 8 and newer
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.18.2

  • Improve screenshot blocking
  • Improve screen reader protection
  • Improve tapjacking protection

Release 0.18.1

  • Fix bugs

Release 0.18.0

  • Add RASP feature: detection of HTTP proxy
  • Improve tapjacking protection
  • Improve SCREEN_OVERRIDE threat reason detection
  • Add optional client app device ID
  • Add config for customer grouping and naming
  • Add internal SDK improvements

Release 0.17.2

  • Fix bugs

Release 0.17.1

  • Improve RASP info sent to server console
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.17.0

  • Add RASP feature: tapjacking protection
  • Update project to Android 12 (API level 31)
  • Improve the security of native code

Release 0.16.1

  • Update SSL pinning

Release 0.16.0

  • Add RASP feature: blocking screen readers
  • Add RASP feature: change of process name
  • Improve repackaging detection with INVALID_CONFIG value
  • Remove allowPrecachingForUpdates config
  • Improve emulator detection
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.15.0

  • Add RASP feature: blocking screenshots
  • Add RASP feature: detection of screen lock usage
  • Add RASP feature: detection of Play Protect status
  • Change RaspConfig to allow setting multiple signature hashes
  • Add internal SDK improvements
  • Fix bugs

Release 0.14.1

  • Improve reporting of uninstalled apps to the backend
  • Fix bugs in RASP

Release 0.14.0

  • Refactor SDK API
  • Create AppProtection as the main SDK entry point
  • Add RASP feature: root detection
  • Add RASP feature: emulator detection
  • Add RASP feature: debugger detection
  • Add RASP feature: repackaging detection
  • Add RASP feature: screen sharing detection
  • Add the Antivirus.getAppInstaller() method
  • Update API for triggering smart protection updates manually via SmartProtectionManager

Release 0.13.0

  • Add API for customizing localization of UI components
  • Add ThreatInstaller to ApkThreat
  • Internal SDK improvements
  • Fix bugs
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