Migration Guide to Version 1.2.x

Malwarelytics for Android version 1.2.0 introduces a few small changes to the configuration.

Summary of Config Item Changes

Config Item in version 1.1.x Config item in version 1.2.x
RaspConfig.adb(AdbDetectionConfig) RaspConfig.adb(DetectionConfig)
N/A RaspConfig.sendInfoOutputs(Boolean)

ADB Configuration Change

Configuration of ADB status was changed to the standard configuration enabling the NoAction option.

Addition of Configuration for Sending Info Outputs

In previous versions of Malwarelytics for Android (1.1.x and older), the outputs of RASP info methods were automatically sent to the remote console (when the SDK was used in the online mode). In version 1.2.x a common config item RaspConfig.sendInfoOutputs(Boolean) is added to allow disabling sending of the outputs. The info methods and their related outputs are:

// screen lock usage
val isDeviceUsingScreenLock = raspManager.isDeviceUsingScreenLock()

// biometry enrollment status
val biometryDetection = raspManager.getBiometryDetection()

// Play Protect status
val isPlayProtectEnabled = raspManager.isPlayProtectEnabled()

// developer options status
val isDeveloperOptionsEnabled = raspManager.isDeveloperOptionsEnabled()
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